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J. Ivanel (Julie) Johnson

    j ivanel-(julie)-johnson (headshot)


    Pronouns: she/her
    Location: New Denmark, New Brunswick
    Self-Identification: Disabilities (both Visible and Invisible)


    J. Ivanel Johnson is the pen name for an author/playwright with Disability, now living in the remote Appalachians of New Brunswick. She has contributed many short culturally-diverse works to literary journals and anthologies and has two mystery novels published by Black Rose, Texas. She is a member of PGC, PARC, the Writers Union of Canada. With degrees from Queens in Theatre Arts, English Literature and Education, she had her first two-act, co-written play produced in the UK in 1997. The 2nd edition of her only non-fiction, "How To Teach Drama To Kids" came out in Feb. 2020.

    4 min. sound bytes from rehearsals for professionally workshopped Rough Notes, Oct. 2022:

    An amateur audio demo excerpt of "Such A Time As This" from Rough Notes, released for Christmas 2021, with related graphic storyboard:

    Article on Diversity within Rough Notes:

    Rough Notes website:

    There are more links to other (amateur) demos on Soundcloud, as well as a full profile of the musical on the Canadian Musical Theatre database and PGC's Pledge Project.

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