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Wendy Belcourt

    wendy-belcourt (headshot)


    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    Self-Identification(s): Female, Straight, English, French, Scottish, German, British, Disabled and very ambitious.


    I am a singer, dancer, actor, model, musician, songwriter, screenwriter, playwright and other creative artist who has a strong desire to stage my musical 'Whose Bag Is It Anyway$? in which I tried to stage at the Factory Theatre last summer with the Toronto Fringe Festival to no avail. I also filmed myself singing and dancing to the backup tracks my album 'Voluptuous' for the online Toronto Fringe Collective's online show runs July and August of 2020. I filmed myself performing a comedy show about my life and put that into the Leicester Film Festival online show run in February 2021. I have had a lot of time developing and performing for stage and film as a performer over the years even lots of band and choir gigs, plays, films and would still like to stage my album show and create, stage and tour an Ozzy ballet plus my album and musical. I also want to be fully trained as a Ballerina with lifts and partnering. Maybe the dance program at Centennial could help me with that. I have already been at Sheridan college for the Performing Arts Preparation program and Metalworks Institute for Entertainment Business Management. I am definitely thinking about doing live streaming shows with Twitch as everyone loves my singing and voice.

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