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seeley quest

    seeley-quest (headshot)


    Pronouns: sie/hir
    Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Self-Identification: I'm a white, gender non-conforming trans person, working class with educational privilege, in immigration process from the US, with cognitive and physical disabilities.


    seeley quest is a trans disabled environmentalist working in literary and body-based arts and curation, in Montreal since 2017 and Halifax since 2022. Sie presented in the San Francisco Bay Area 2001-14, with Sins Invalid 2007-15. Hir play “Crooked” is in At the Intersection of Disability and Drama, and first game narrative was in Canada’s National AccessAbility Week 2020. Sie created an ecological assessment for Buddies in Bad Times’ 2021 Rhubarb Festival, a 2021 Quebec Writers’ Federation disabled writers’ workshop, and inaugurated a Queer Disabled Joy workshop for Montreal's Studio 303 2021 Queer Performance Camp. Sie’s not on social media.


    • "Crip, Arts: Community Trajectories and Agendas" in Canadian Theatre Review Vol. 190, Spring 2022. Brief article reflects some on my background, and thoughts for the Modeling project
    • Contributing to VIBE, and Crip Arts Before and Since” in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, October 2021. Brief essay reflects on some of my arts and disabilities background, and contribution in a 2018 Deaf and Disability Arts symposium in Montreal, VIBE.
    • Sample: Unlisted on rEvolverFest account, from 5/28/22 Fest reading; i filled as Sandy [planned actor got sick], Karly Palmer as Marlo. Starting at 14:20, first line, to 43:16 end. Q&A from 44:17 to 1:02:30.
    • SampleIntro and reading from Scene 1 draft, Yousef Kadoura as Marlo, myself as Sandy, for Springworks Fest 1/22, 12 min. total.
    • Sample: Unlisted reading from Scene 1 draft, Prince Amponsah as Sandy, myself as Marlo, in Centaur Theatre’s Wildside Festival’s Catalyst Project, 1/21. Segment’s at 2:36min-12:30, then Q & A till16:56. Note: I don’t aim to play a character as the project moves forward, have just read roles for convenience so far.