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Robert More

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    Location: Etobicoke, Ontario



    AS AN ACTOR - performed across the country for two decades with six years at the National Arts Centre, three years at the Stratford Festival, and a season with the Grand Theatre Company with Robin Phillips
    AS A PLAYWRIGHT - more than 75 professional productions of 12 plays. Dads! The Musical! Nominated for Best Musical in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton. Won the prestigious Fringe First Award at the Edinburgh Festival (1992), and has played across the country in more than 50 theatres including Toronto, Vancouver, Charlottetown, Drayton.
    PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS: Dads 2: The Toddlers Revenge (Mayfield Edmonton, Thousand Islands Playhouse, Magnus Theatre); A Matter of Time (Orangeville, Victoria Playhouse Petrolia); The Shadow Stealer (Young People’s Theatre, Carousel Players) Theatre Orangeville); Lovin, Lyin & Leavin (Huron Country Playhouse, Theatre Aquarius,); Summer Garden, Wooden Boats and Iron Men (Lighthouse Festival Port Dover) Everything I Love About Christmas (Upper Canada Playhouse; Orangeville)
    UPCOMING SCRIPTS: Carry On Vamping! Composer- David Warrack. A small-cast vampire musical; Jessica’s Fine Adventure, a sexy comedy; Footsteps, a sexual assault drama.
    AS A DIRECTOR - directed 90 professional productions.
    AS AN ARTISTIC DIRECTOR - 22 years at: Lighthouse Festival Theatre; Victoria Playhouse Petrolia; Bluewater Summer Playhouse Kincardine
    BEST PRODUCTIONS – his four fantastic daughters, Caitlin, Emily, Rhianna and Heather, and the little ones -Henry, Abby, baby Zosia and baby August.
    Contact: / 519-383-4320