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Radha Menon

    radha-menon (headshot)

    Pronouns: she/they
    Location: Hamilton, Ontario
    Self-Identification: Menon was born a child of the colony, a British, Canadian, South Asian queer woman who has navigated the pits of depression for her entire life- she is still alive and very much kicking!



    Stateless in the UK until age seventeen, activist and artist Radha Menon emigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan in 1995 where her singing and acting performance career abruptly ended, and her writing career began. Her plays, which have been produced at theatre festivals in Canada, the US, UK and India, include Blackberry, Ganga’s Ganja, Rukmini’s Gold, Rise of the Prickly Pear, The Circus & The Washing Machine. Red Beti Theatre (RBT), Hamilton’s first feminist IBPOC theatre company was founded by Menon in 2011. Menon earned an MFA in Creative Writing (UoG). Her writing has garnered many awards globally.

    Rukmini’s Gold
    Password: RedBetty
    Written by Radha S. Menon, directed by Wes Berger, features Dia Frida and Maya Huliyappa-Menon at Toronto Fringe as New play contest winner 2015.

    Ganga's Ganja
    Password: RedBetty
    Written by Radha Menon, directed by Jennie Esdale and featuring Senjuti Sarkar, Pam Patel and Jesse Horvath premiered at Storefront Theatre's Feminist Fuck it Festival 2018.