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Kevin Longfield


    My work largely explores historical and social issues, but from an individual perspective. I am interested in how the large societal forces affect the average person. Although I am male, I seem to gravitate towards female protagonists.
    During the pandemic I completed four full-length plays and a few short ones. In 2022 these works started reaching audiences:
    * My short play "Working Stiffs" had a performance in Sicamous, BC,
    * The Little Lion Theatre in London, UK did a staged reading of my full-length play "Prospects and Pigeon Pie,"
    * I did a Craft Bites! reading of the play I am pitching here, "Shafted."
    * My domestics comedy "We Are Family" was a quarter-finalist in the Screencraft Cinematic Stage Play Competition.
    I also collaborate with Brian Richardson on plays about the early days of White settlement in Manitoba.

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