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Kevan Bowkett

    kevan-bowkett (headshot)


    Pronouns: he/him/his
    Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Self-Identification: I am a person who lives with chronic resistant depression and anxiety. Am a cult survivor.


    Kevan Kenneth Bowkett has served in the Canadian Reserves, planted trees, washed dishes, sold door-to-door, built and slept in an igloo, and run for Parliament. He’s lectured at universities on the arms industry, drafted an International Convention on the Evaluation of New Technologies, and worked in a daycare. His Fringe hit Time's Fancy: The War of King Henry V and Joan of Arc was a semi-finalist in the American Shakespeare Center’s 2020/2021 competition. His work has appeared in Mythprint, Mythic Circle, and the Manitoba Eco-Journal, and his books include two fantasies, The City of Sapphires and Seachild (available on Amazon).