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Hanlon Uafás-Álainn

    hanlon-uafás-Álainn (headshot)

    Pronouns: he/him/they/them
    Location: Toronto, Ontario
    Self-Identification: I identify as a Nova Scotian-born trans man who is GNC. I further identify as polyamorous, pansexual, and a mad artist.


    Hanlon Uafás-Álainn (formerly McGregor) is a transgender dad who writes, directs, produces, and performs for stage and screen.

    In 2012, Hanlon began creating monologues inspired by his personal exploration of gender—in mid-life, with small kids; this resulted in the creation of the play Unexpectedly Trans. This play spawned short films Holding Hands with the Awkward and Hamlet Moment, and plays Bubble Trans Pride (co-written by Syrus Marcus Ware) and Call Me Papa, a TYA work currently in development.

    Another ongoing project, Inherited Beliefs, is a feminist work about the sexual assault of rural Nova Scotian Madeline in her sixties.

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