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Gretchen Kelbaugh

    gretchen-kelbaugh (headshot)


    Pronouns: she/her
    Location: Saint John, New Brunswick


    Having spent decades as an author, essayist, poet and screenwriter, Gretchen was drawn to write a play. After her one-act drama, Orchids Can Be Destroyed, was performed by Saint John Theatre Co. in 2016, she expanded it into book and lyrics. With composers Deb Adshade and Theresa Patterson, our musical is ready for music workshops:

    Gert Harding
    Just ahead of the law. Well ahead of her time.

    This feature musical tells the exciting story of Gert Harding, a militant suffragette from New Brunswick. It has been developed with support from artsnb, the Canada Council and Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre.

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